Yes8sg celebrates Christmas through a giveaway campaign

Singapore’s No.1 online casino Yes8sg celebrates Christmas with their customers

Singapore: December 2019, the top online casino Yes8sg are going to get Christmas gifts to some of the lucky customers on Christmas Eve 2019. Only the qualified members will be able to join the event. They will be celebrating the program through a giveaway campaign.

Yes8sg is a trusted online casino all across Singapore. And three KOLs will be joining this leading casino as ambassadors. The new ambassadors are wenxian Huang, sabee, and Delia. All of them will spread the news of the giveaway campaign through a video post. They will share the post on various social media channels. But Instagram will be their main focus.

Highlights of Christmas giveaway campaign:

  • This legal online casino Singapore will distribute Chelsea jersey to their lucky winners
  • The customers of Yes8sg will have to deposit some money to attend the event
  • Each host will have a reference ID
  • Customers will get a lucky chance to win the jersey with the official logo of Chelsea
  • The events information will be shared via the Instagram profiles of KOLs
  • Giveaway campaign will have full coverage by different media

Yes8sg is an online betting Singapore platform where customers can enjoy reliable services. Hence, popular social media influencers are showing their trust in the event. The event will be a success as these are popular faces. Sabee is a social media influencer and is very popular on Instagram. Delia is an artist, singer, and model. Wenxiang Huang who will be the third KOL of the event is also a social media influencer. All the three are handling their Instagram profiles with IDs Tzeqian, wenxian1015, and sabee996.

The presence of these popular faces will further enhance the beauty of the giveaway campaign. The most highlight of the event will be the distribution of jersey of the most famous football club, Chelsea. Both the partners are celebrating their years of partnership through this Christmas celebrating the event. It will be a unique opportunity for the customers the first time where they can get a chance to win the jersey. All the lucky winners of the event will get the jersey from a referrer. The KOLs will have a reference ID which they will get from the Yes8sg.

They will be using the ID and become a referrer for giving jerseys to all the lucky customers at the event. Also, the lucky winner’s faces will be displayed on the official platform of Yes8sg. This will be a one-time opportunity when the customers will get this unique chance. With the efforts of appreciating their customers, they have come up with this idea. And the event is going to be hosted on the special day of December that is on Christmas. This will further boost the joy of customers participating at Yes8sg.

The customers who are fans of Chelsea have a good chance to officially get the jersey of the club. It is a much-awaited event for both the fans of club and casinos. It will further boost the partnership of both parties. This event is a true reflection of showing their love for fans. Also, it’s a great time for fans as well. The true highlight of the jersey campaign will be there lucky winners. This will further grow their customers and mark a new day in the journey of yes8sg.

For customers, it will be an engaging event where they will get to know more about the club and casino partnership. Yes8sg is planning to further boost its relation with Chelsea club. This is a double joy for everyone who is associated with this online gambling casino in Singapore. All the marketers, sponsors, partners, and customers will benefit through the event. Through this campaign, the Yes8sg casino is reflecting their years of a fruitful partnership with the club.

Since customers from both the ends are going to join it, therefore, they will embrace lots of new fans as well. For new fans, this will be a great start at the best online casino of Singapore. Their secure and reliable services will convert these new fans into loyal customers for years. Since they are very popular in Singapore, therefore, lots of audiences will become the campaign’s part.

All the event coverage will be done through the popular hosts which will further make the event popular. They will be using every digital media to broadcast this campaign message. The online casino is about to open new doors for everyone on the remarkable day of birth of Jesus.